My darling, do you remember
The lines we used to write?
Do you remember the nights
So cold and full of light?

Do you remember the cruellest hours
In that we started to dream?
Do you remember our hopes
So pure, so deep and so keen.

My darling, do you remember,
Our breathing under the ice?
A hand pressed against it
To strengthen the certain ties?

Do you remember the mountains
On which we used to wait
For the storm to take us
Before the night is too late?

My darling, do you remember
The day we finally met?
Do you remember the feelings
So fulfilled and without regret?

Do you remember the first time
Your hand did touch mine
Or my head on your shoulder
A signal so divine.

My Darling I remember
So much I just can't tell
My Darling I remember
Your everlasting spell

My Darling I remember
Your laughing and your grace
And I remember always
The love in your smiling face