The garden Eden
Comes to its end
Black and grey
The dying land

No leaf is left
No water flows
Smothering smoke
A fire grows

Flames are touching the sky
And the clouds only have ashes to cry

I am left
In the dead plain
I'm all alone
I breathe in vain

The sun has faded
The air gets cold
And my heart
Beats dim and old

In the twilight
I start to dream
And see a new world
Never seen

I am a creature
In the dark
The flood is coming
And there's no arch

The wind is whispering
About the rain
The wind is whispering
About the pain
The wind is whispering
About the end
The wind is whispering
Throughout the land

I am waiting
For the flood
And I start singing
To thaw my blood

I dance
I dance

I have a dream
Now I am free
I'll never wake up
Can you see me?
Then follow me
Follow me
Follow me
Deep deep deep deep

My dream
Is a new world
And I am Eden