I believe the mind
is a construct formed by the brain
So the mind itself is a divine product
of basic electicity

Endless networks of neurons
Are firing electrons into skullern skys
And form the most complex structure
The world has ever known

Art, love, hate, memories
Science, norms, satisfaction
It all starts with this simple language:
Power on - power off
Darkness and light
Whatever we see, do, say or feel
It's the same one code

There is another machine using that code
Developed years ago by thoughts and flesh
The computer communicates one-zero-one
And the devine code is now spread by the internet

So think about it, imagine, dream:
When you type a message you transscipt
Feelings, opinions, fragments of your soul
And send them through wires with speed of light

You give birth to digital ghosts
Who are floating around in hyperspace
With myriads they are drifting by
In an incredible ballet of light

Soultransfer completed.

I'm sending my soul to you
A digital ghost
Can you feel?
Can you feel?

Digital ghost.